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“ Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers. ”

- Bryan Weiner

Social media is massive now and one of the simplest, and most successful, ways a company or individual can interact with existing and potential customers. It is so relatively simple that it cannot be scoffed at, a must in any marketing plan!

Everybody has heard of Facebook and Twitter and these are really the 2 main social media platforms any business should be aiming to update on a regular basis. Social media can be time consuming if you dive straight into all of the platforms available. Generally these are the 2 go to places for social media and really must be worked on to be successful in social media.

When you consider that Facebook and Twitter have roughly 1 billion (that's right, BILLION) users between them, the opportunity for reaching new customers is vast. Other social media platforms are available, in fact there are 1000's out there to use. Not every platform is as customisable as Twitter and Facebook however, these are the two you should be concentrating on applying your brand to.

The Big Three

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Designing a theme for Twitter is very simple. All that is required is a background image and personal photo. These can incorporate anything you feel is necessary - For example a logo for profile thumbnail and large logo, contact information and company slogan for the background image. Twitter gives us a lot of scope for what can be designed.

Twitter also now offers a header image that is displayed at the top of the page. You can have any image here, but have to keep in mind that your avatar and information is displayed over the top. So any important info must be displayed to the left and right.

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Facebook is not so flexible when it comes to pages as Twitter is but still offers a huge range of free advertising options. They have many rules regarding what can and cannot be included in a business or fan page, and are constantly shifting the goalposts. However Facebook cannot be ignored because of its huge attraction.

With a Facebook page you can upload your own logo and images, create tabs on the page as if it were a website, add contact forms, show any deals your company may be promoting and much more.

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Google+ is not as well used as Facebook and Twitter but is incredibly useful as you can link your account to Google my Business. Regular posting on this is said to increase search engine rankings, so is an opportunity not to be missed. The more websites you use to create an online web presence the better, more hits on Google means more business!

On Google+ you can upload your logo, create a photo collage (5 photos) at the top of the page, create an "about me" page and much more.

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