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company website, blog design or e-commerce, let me design your new company window

With over 2.2 billion people now online and usage of search engines to look for companies or products now standard, a website may well be the single most important advertising tool to any business or product. Website design is an opportunity that simply cannot be missed, the success of your business in the 21st century will rely heavily on a web presence and if you neglect it, your customers will soon shy away from using you.

Every website is completely different but a typical no frills website would consist of a homepage, a page about you or your company, the services you provide and a contact page. Website design is one of the most cost effective marketing tools available to anybody wanting to advertise themselves or their business and is something that is well worth the expense, more than any other promo material. Visitors won't stay on a website for long if it looks ugly and is hard to navigate and we work with you to create a site that suits your brand, and gives users an experience to keep them coming back.

All Websites Include
  • domain registration (if needed)
  • web hosting (if needed)
  • responsive websites
  • latest standards in website design
  • optimised web pages
  • optimised graphics
  • website optimisation
  • social media icons
  • after sales support

Responsive Website Design

Why adapt your site for mobile and tablets? Well, because their use is increasing massively, not everybody browses the web via laptop or desktop anymore. This is something that should definitely be taken into consideration when building a website. This can be achieved in many ways including media queries, mobile specific sites or by using WordPress which features many responsive layouts.

Every day there is a new product on the market, and that means new code has to be written to ensure websites display properly. Although time consuming, it is essential. Potential customers will quickly move on if your website isn't compatible on an iPhone.

Here at Kakusei Design we make sure this isn't the case. No matter what device a viewer uses, your website will respond accordingly, and shrink or enlarge to fit on the screen.

Wordpress CMS

WordPress is the largest content management system (CMS) in the world and is used on millions of websites, including some of the big guns like Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry and PlayStation. What makes WordPress a perfect choice for many people is how incredibly easy it is to use. I love using WordPress to design a website, my own website is a WordPress build. It is especially useful if you would like to incorporate a blog into your design, as many people do these days.

Browser Compatibility & Usage

Internet users browse the web using different browsers and each one displays a website differently. Cross browser compatibility means making sure that your website will look relatively the same, but more importantly that all of its functions work, on whatever browser your viewer chooses to use. The main browsers used today are listed to the right, along with their respective use worldwide. I do my utmost to make sure my websites work in every browser, ensuring your site doesn't break no matter what computer is using it.